November 2, 2021

MLT has engaged with Kuyani community members in Leigh Creek and Port Augusta to work on Kuyani language revival and documentation. Kuyani is a traditional language from the northern shores of Lake Torrens and the northern Flinders Ranges. Currently, there are no published language resources for Kuyani and only a handful of speakers remain.

Linda Coulthard (R) working with MLT staff Suvam Sinha (L) at Leigh Creek. Photo : Eleanor McCall 2021.

MLT staff member Suvam Sinha sat down with Kuyani speaker Linda Coulthard on a recent trip to Leigh Creek and Copley, to work on some language learning content and recordings.

MLT is looking forward to continuing to support Linda and other Kuyani community members on their language revival journey.

Stay tuned to this space for any updates on future Kuyani language projects!