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Catch-up on Aboriginal language news and music with Nganampa Wangka.

Nganampa Wangka is a show about South Australian Aboriginal languages and about what we are doing to maintain, revive and reclaim them.

Nganampa Wangka is broadcast every Friday at 7pm on Radio Adelaide, 101.5FM. Catch the latest episode below.

Hosted by Mobile Language Team staff Karina Lester, Lakota Gibbons and Anil Samy.

Older episodes can be found via the Radio Adelaide website.

Latest Episode

Catch the latest episode of Nganampa Wangka below and listen to some great Aboriginal interviews, news pieces and music

Listen to the latest episode by clicking the link above. Karina Lester hosts this week’s shows.

Special Features

Catch up on interviews with influential Aboriginal artists, language warriors and visionaries on the Nganampa Wangka show

MLT Co-Manager and Senior Language Worker Karina Lester shares her reflections on the new Closing the Gap Agreement on ABC Radio Adelaide. Interview courtesy of ABC Radio Adelaide.

Catch up with Karina and Lakota discussing the Black Lives Matter movement

Nganampa Wangka host Anil Samy catches up with Natasha Wanganeen (pictured) to discuss her work as an actor, producer and writer.

She is an AFI winning actress and is best known for her roles in Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002), Jessica (2004), Redfern Now (2014), Secret River (2015), Cargo (2017), Stormboy (2018), Bunker the last fleet (2019), Ranger (2019), 2067 (2018) and Dic & Lucy (2019).

Karina Lester catches up with Tapaya Edwards (pictured, right) to discuss traditional fire management practices. Karina and Tapaya speak Pitjantjatjara language throughout, with Karina providing translations.