April 17, 2015

On the 23rd of April 2015 the Mobile Language Team held a family based digital storytelling workshop in Whyalla. MLT members Paul Monaghan and Celeste Humphris as well as IT/Media consultant Will Fisher travelled to Whyalla to work with around 30 members of the Taylor family.

The outcome of the workshop was a beautiful digital resource based on a story written by Anita Taylor. The story is a moral tale of two children who wander far from home and get lost, and illustrates the importance of listening to guidance and knowledge of elders. Anita’s grandchildren painted pictures to illustrate the story, which is written in an English frame, but uses many words from the Barngarla language. The paintings and Barngarla words combine to make a fun and user friendly way to engage with the Barngarla language.

Engaging with families, friends and communities is one of the best tools the MLT has at its disposal to revitalise endangered languages, the work the MLT does out in the field wouldn’t be possible without the incredible family and community participation shown by the Taylors.