May 10, 2015

As part our the recent Barngarla family based workshop in Whyalla, the Mobile Language Team helped produce a Digital Story which is now available online. All the pictures in the video were painted by Anita and Dawn Taylor’s family.

The use of Barngarla words in stories is a crucial aspect of language revival. Encouraging Barngarla people to engage with the words in their language, identify imagery associated with these words and hear them being said in sentences are all important steps in helping with the revival of the language. Having the children paint pictures associated with Barngarla words is a crucial step in the revival process, and a great way to get them engaged with the language revival project. The process of developing such resources helps promote confidence in their use of their traditional language. 

Read more about the workshop conducted by the MLT, or to find out more about workshops in your community please feel free to get in contact with the us.