September 9, 2020

The MLT has proudly been working with Adnyamathanha Elders and Leigh Creek Area School (LCAS) staff with the translation and film production of a Muda (cultural history) significant to the Leigh Creek region. This Muda traces the origin of the ranges itself and tells of how coal came to be in the Leigh Creek area.

The upcoming short film involves senior LCAS students and staff explaining some sections of Muda in Adnyamathanha language, on Adnyamathanha country. The selected Muda follows in the footsteps of Adnyamathanha ancestral beings and is filmed in significant locations including Arrunha Awi (Aroona Dam), Kakarlpunha (Termination Hill), Stokes Hill, Leigh Creek Coalfield, Wurlpinha, and the Cutaway Hills.

Well done to all involved and stay tuned for the short film which the MLT is currently editing!

Yarta wandathanha inhanga wadu-ngurni. Ngarlpurla Muda martamartanganthanha. 

This telling of the Country is from a long time ago. We are explaining history.

Noel Wilton admiring the landscape. Photo by Suvam Sinha (MLT).
LCAS students and staff. Photo by Christina Skujins (MLT).
Marilyn Coulthard holding some ochre. Photo by Suvam Sinha (MLT).