August 11, 2020

The Mobile Language Team has been busy training the next generation of linguists to continue supporting the vital work of language revival as part of our new internship programme.

In 2019 the MLT welcomed two promising young interns Sophie Caon and Suvam Sinha. Both Sophie and Suvam are majoring in Linguistics at the University of Adelaide.

Sophie and Suvam were trained to use software including ELAN and Audacity for audio processing and transcription, FLEX Language Explorer for text analysis and Excel for database compilation. They had a go at some practical tasks alongside MLT Project Linguists and were able to see the real-world applications of their theoretical linguistic education!

We were pleased to be able to offer both interns a paid position at the MLT as Trainee Project Linguists at the conclusion of their internships, which they will undertake alongside their final year of undergraduate studies. Congratulations! We’re excited to have you on board.

Photo: Suvam (left), Sophie (centre) and Summer Research Scholar Lucinda (right)

I undertook this internship because I have a keen interest in language revival and I wanted to gain some practical experience. This internship has been one of the most valuable things I have done throughout my time at university and I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity. 

Sophie Caon

I undertook the internship with MLT to gain some practical knowledge in the field of Linguistics . The internship was a terrific opportunity to learn how Linguistics is applied in the real world and particularly in Language Revival . I have a better understanding of what a career in this field might look like and hope to build on the skills I acquired from this rewarding experience.

Suvam Sinha

In June 2020 we were able to welcome two new interns to the MLT, Josephine Ocampo and Isaac Hughes.

Isaac is majoring in linguistics and currently learns French and Turkish. He chose this internship to gain some more hands on experience within the field of linguistics. Josephine majors in Japanese and Spanish. She chose to intern with the MLT because of her interest in different languages and the cultures associated with them. She is enjoying learning more about linguistics.

Photo: Josephine (left), Lucinda (centre) and Isaac (right)

In a previous news piece we also welcomed Lucinda Duxbury, a Summer Research Scholar with a background in sciences to assist on our ‘Language and Land‘ initiative.

If you are interested in our internship opportunities or our Language Worker Trainee programme please get in touch via