December 1, 2019

Over the past 12 months the MLT has been engaging with the Leigh Creek community to develop a range of Adnyamathanha language projects.

Leigh Creek is a former coal-mining town in the Flinders Ranges, and has approximately 250 residents. The Leigh Creek Area School (LCAS) approached the MLT for assistance with Adnyamathanha language resource development for use in the school. Funded by the Department for Education’s Innovative Language Program Grant, which seeks to explore innovative ways in which students can acquire and improve their second language, the MLT and LCAS are looking to incorporate language into all aspects of school life.

As part of this project the MLT are working alongside Adnyamathanha speakers, Elders and community to document age-appropriate language and Muda (cultural history) for use by the students.

MLT Linguist Christina Skujins working with Adnyamathanha speakers at Leigh Creek Area School. Photo by the Mobile Language Team.

On the MLT’s most recent visit, staff dusted off their hiking boots and completed the 9.5km figure-8 loop that will be the Akurra Multi-use Cultural Trail, developed by the MLT in partnership with Bikes Palya and the Leigh Creek Progress Association. The Akurra trail will be up and running in June 2020 and boasts bilingual signage with information about local plants, animals and Muda. The trail finishes up at the iconic Aroona dam (pictured). The track will encourage young people and the Leigh Creek community to connect with the dramatic Flinders Ranges landscape and unique features of the area. The trail is funded by the SA Health ‘Healthy Towns’ grant.

The Akurra trail will finish at the iconic Aroona Dam. Photo by the Mobile Language Team.

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