The Pirlatapa language lies in the north east of the state of South Australia surrounding Lake Blanche and Lake Callabonna.

Pirlatapa lies east of the Adnyamathanha language and west of the Wadigali language.

AIATSIS id : L.11


Berluppa, Biladaba (used by SIL & Luise Hercus), Biladapa (used by Capell), Biladepa, Biladhaba, Bilatappa (used by Davis & McKenzie), Billatapa (used by Reuther), Billidapa, Birladapa (used by AIATSIS), Jarikuna (derogatory term applied by the Wailpi), Pidlatapa, Piladapa (used by Schoknecht & Elkin), Pilardapa (used by Kerwin & Breen), Pilatapa (used by O’Grady and Voegelin & Voegelin), Pilladapa (used by Gason), Pillatapa, Pilliapa, Pilliapp, Pillitapa (MS), Pirlatapa, Pulladapa, Yarri-kuna, Yarrikunaybeerlha.


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