Ngaiwang is a Murray River language that lies at the bend in the river around Morgan.
It lies north of the closely related language / dialect Ngangaruku and west of the other Murray River languages Ngawait, Yirawirung and Ngintait.

AIATSIS id : S.07


Aiawong (the language name recorded by Eyre, who missed the initial ng sound), Aiawung, Ajawung, Birta (Kaurna and Ngadjuri term), Iawung, Karn-brikolenbola (group at Moorundee), Meru (term for ‘man’), Moorunde, Moo-rundee, Moorundie, Murundi (term used for the Murray River, upriver from Lake Alexandrina in the yaraldi / Jarildekald language, also a given place name south of Blanchetown), Naiawu (language name), Ngaiawang, Ngaiawung, Ngaijawa, Ngaiwung, Ngaiyau, Ngaiyawa, Ngaiyau, Nganjan, Ngayawangga, Ngayawung (used by AIATSIS), Nggauaiyo-wa, Nggauaiyo-wangko, Niawoo, Paruru (a derogatory term meaning ‘uncircumcised’ used by the Kaurna group for Murray River people), Peeita, Pieta, Pijita, Pitta, Wakanuwan (name applied by the Jarildekald for these, Nganguruku, and other groups; they called the language Walkalde).


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