Malyangapa country is in the north east of the state of South Australia, crossing well into the NSW border. Malyangapa lies east of the closely related Ngurunta language, north of the Wilyagali language and south of the Wadigali language.

Ngurunta also lies north east of the state of SA, east of Lake Frome, and also crossing into the NSW border. It lies east of the Yadliyawara and Ngadjuri languages.

AIATSIS id : L.08


Bulali (means ‘Hill People’; ‘bula’ = hill, a general term), Bulalli, Karikari (‘kari’ = yes), Malgaaljangaba, Malgangara (perhaps typographical error), Maljangaba, Malja:pa, Malya-napa, Malyangaba, Malyangapa (used by AIATSIS), Malyapa, Malynapa, Milya-uppa, Muliaarpa, Mullia-arpa, Mulya-napa, Mulyanapa, Mulya-nappa, Multyerra, Nalyanapa (perhaps typographical error). Ngurunta alternative names and variant spellings: Ngurunta, Runta, Runda, Malyangaba (these two languages are sometimes confused or seen as one)


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