January 15, 2019

The Arabana language club held a language party at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to celebrate the end of a great year of learning and sharing Arabana. The members of the club organised fun language games and activities for the Arabana kids and teens who attended. Games included a memory game on the grass using A4 picture flashcards, finding matching words in the bushes nearby and a challenging scavenger hunt around the whole garden. It was perfect weather and everyone enjoyed relaxing and catching up over the picnic lunch. The attendees did a great job of using Arabana language throughout the day, pointing to plants and animals to teach words to the kids.

The Arabana language club is about learning and practising Arabana in an informal settings and environment. It’s great for families and kids alike and introduces the use of Arabana in a supportive setting.

If you’re an Arabana person in Adelaide and you would like to join the Arabana language club in 2019, please contact Eleanor via email at

The club is free and runs every Sunday from 1.30-3.30pm at Kilburn Community Centre. All ages and levels welcome.