November 6, 2020

Co-Authors Terrence Coulthard and Josie Coulthard launched the Adnyamathanha Culture Guide and Language Book in Adelaide last week. This resource includes over 400 pages detailing cultural practices, muda (songlines), music, social history, grammar, kinship system and is a two-way dictionary (English to Adnyamathanha, Adnyamathanha to English).

Terrence Coulthard, an Adnyamathanha speaker, has been developing this much-needed resource since the mid-1980s. This book incorporates the knowledge of many language speakers and Elders, some of whom have now passed.

The Mobile Language Team were proud to support this project over the last 18 months. MLT Linguists and graphic designers worked closely with the Coulthard family to finalise the book.

The book launch, held at the University of Adelaide, brought together many supporters, friends and family of Terrence and Josie to celebrate this monumental achievement. The book will also be launched at Wilpena Resort Saturday 7th November 1-3pm and at Iga Warta Saturday 14th November 11am-2pm.

Congratulations to all involved in the project – what a fantastic result!

The Culture Guide and Language Book is available for purchase here.

Co-authors Terrence and Josie Coulthard speak at the launch. Terrence is holding a copy of the Culture Guide. (Photo: Eleanor McCall)
Ringo Coulthard (Far Right) explains the significance behind the Adnyamathanha flag. (Photo: Eleanor McCall)
Waldorf School sings a song in Adnyamathanha Ngawarla (language) accompanied by Terrence and his brother on guitar. (Photo: Christina Skujins)
The next generation. Terrence and Josie give a copy of the book to their great-grandchild Miya. (Photo: Eleanor McCall)