March 8, 2018

his week, Lyn Ackland and Estelle Miller from the Far West Language Centre (FWLC) visited the MLT offices and presented a Master Apprentice Language Learning Program (MALLP). This workshop was hosted in Adelaide for people of the Far West Coast who live in Adelaide and still want to engage with language activities, while not living on the Far West Coast.

Language revival via the MALLP method, which was designed in the North America, uses language speakers (masters) in a one-on-one learning environment with a non-speaker student (apprentice). MALLP uses various techniques to improve the daily conversational language of its participants for everyday tasks and activities, focusing on common daily language needs.

Lyn and Estelle, attended a MALLP workshop hosted by the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity (RNLD) in 2012.  Using this training they have facilitated a range of language learning courses and activities using MALLP techniques in and around their community – immersing language learners in the local languages of the Far West Coast area.

During the workshop on Monday Lyn took us through the key principles and various interactive techniques used to help language learners taking part in MALLP. These key principles and techniques focus on the non-use of the English language during workshops and sessions, as well as focusing on the use and power of non-verbal communication.

MLT staff will take part in a RNLD workshop later this year, where staff will continue to add on their skills in and around using MALLP techniques with languages around South Australia. Using the flexible approach offered by the MALLP program the MLT hopes to encourage more communities to employ these techniques in their language learning activities.

Flexibility is a key driving stone for the success of the MALLP technique being incorporated into endangered languages activities at the MLT.

Facilitating access to language workshops for learners who live away from home is a crucial part of creating an inclusive language learning community. The MLT helps in facilitating
‘by community for community’ workshops as part of our larger strategy of community engagement for all sections of the language community, no matter where they live.

You can find out more about the work the Far West Coast Languages Centre are doing by visiting their website or emailing Lyn at

If MALLP is something your community might be interested in taking part in, get in contact with the MLT at or call us on (08) 8313 0707.