July 7, 2018

In July the Mobile Language Team were fortunate enough to attend the book launch of Wamparla Apira (Possums and Tall Trees) at the South Australian museum. Wamparla Apira is an original story written by Syd Strangways, an Arabana elder and speaker. The book is written in both Arabana and English, and tells the story of the possums which used to live on Arabana country. Picture books such as this offer children a great opportunity to engage with language in a fun and meaningful way, and can be by parents in the home to teach language and culture.

The story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Kathy Arbon, an Arabana woman and artist. The book was developed by Tina Raye, an Arabana woman who works with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The Mobile Language Team were proud to support the project by funding Tina’s travel during the development stage of the project. The Mobile Language Team also recorded an audio book version of the publication, which will be available on the Arabana page of our website to accompany the text.

You can buy a copy of the book here.