The Adnyamathanha people are from the greater Flinders Ranges area. The name Adnyamathanha means ‘Rock People’. According to one account, this relates to the striking and unique rock formations in and around Vulkathunha – the Flinders and Gammon ranges. Today, there are different dialect or language groups within Adnyamathanha, with people identifying as Kuyani-Adnyamathanha, Wailpi-Adnyamathanha, Yadliawarda-Adnyamathanha, Pirlatpa-Adnyamathanha, or simply Adnyamathanha. Adnyamathanha people live in places like Nepabunna, Ikara (Wilpena Pound) and Leigh Creek, as well as in towns and cities throughout South Australia including Port Augusta and Adelaide.

Language lessons that have been developed with the help of a number of Adnyamathanha speakers and educators are available on our Online Language Learning Portal.

Community language revival efforts are underway to bolster the Adnyamathanha language. The MLT has been involved in Adnyamathanha language work for some time. In 2017, a language recording trip took place which will contribute to the creation of a database of Adnyamathanha language and variations of orthography (writing system). This database will provide Adnyamathanha people with a detailed record of their language as it is spoken today. A wordlist has also been written using the research of linguist Geoffrey O’Grady, and in 2004, Guy Tunstill worked with Adnyamathanha people to produce an R-12 language curriculum called ‘Ngarlpula’.

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Atnyamathanha, Adnyamatana, Adnjamathanha, Anyamatana, Keidnamutha, Gadnyamatana, Anyamitana, Anjimatana, Adnyamathnha, Unyamootha, Atnyaarlta


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