Peramangk is the language of the Mount Lofty region. It lies east of the Kaurna language and west of Ngarrindjeri and the River Murray languages.

Peramangk lies on the boundary between two different major language groups: the YURA (Kaurna etc.) to the West and the NGARRINYERIC (Ngarrindjeri etc.) to the east.

AIATSIS id : S.05


Beramangg, Baramangga (used by AIATSIS), Marimejuna (‘mari’ = east ‘meju’ /’meyu’ = ‘man’, a Kaurna term), Meraldi, Mereldi (a Ramindjeri term), Merildakald (a Tanganekald term applied also to the Kaurna), Mount Barker tribe, Ngurlinjeri (Jaril-dekald name from ‘ngurle’ = hill and ‘-njeri’ = belonging to), Peramang-k, Peramangk, Peramarma (a Tanganekald term based on their name ‘Pe:ra’ for the Tiers Range at Mount Barker), Tarrawatta (name of northern group near Angaston), Wangarainbula (‘wangara’ = hill; a Ngaiawang term), Waugarainbula.


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