Kaurna is the language of the city of Adelaide and the surrounding Adelaide Plains. Traditional Kaurna territory extends from the Light River in the north to Sellicks Hill in the south. It is bounded by Gulf St Vincent to the west and the Mt Lofty Ranges to the east and the south.  Kaurna country lies to the south of the countries where the closely related languages Nukunu and Ngadjuri were spoken.

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Adelaide tribe, Coorna, Gaurna, Jaitjawar:a (‘our own language’), Karnuwarra (‘hills language,’ a northern dialect, presumably that of Port Wakefield), Kaura (misprint for Kaurna), Kaurna (used by AIATSIS), Koornawarra, Kurumidlanta (Pangkala/Barngala term, literally ‘evil spirits’), Medaindi (group living near Glenelg), Medain-die, Meljurna (‘quarrelsome men,’ said of northern groups of Kaurna), Merelde (Ramindjeri term applied most frequently to the Peramangk but also to the Kaurna), Merildekald (Tanganekald term also loosely given to Peramangk), Meyu, Meju (Kaurna for ‘man’), Meyurna, Midlanta (another name given by Pangkala), Milipitingara, Nanduwara, Nantuwara (‘Kangaroo speakers,’ name given to northern groups), Nantuwaru, Nganawara, Padnaindi (group name), Padnayndie, Taralye meyunna, Wakanuwan (name applied by Jarildekald to this and some other tribes, including Ngaiawang), Warra (means ‘speech’, a name for language), Warrah, Widninga (Ngadjuri term applied to Kaurna of Port Wakefield and Buckland Park), Winaini (group north of Gawler), Winnay-nie, Winnaynie.


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