June 4, 2019

2019 Reconciliation Week was a great success for the Mobile Language Team with the team’s Senior Aboriginal Language Worker presenting to kids in classrooms the truth about our Aboriginal Languages, not only in the state of South Australia but also across this great nation. 

Children at Netley Kindy were treated to a duo team singing songs and reading children’s books in the Yankunytjatjara Language.  The duo team shared stories of going out onto country and respecting both the cultural and historic significance of these places.


The MLT also presented to the entire school of Plympton Primary School during Reconciliation Week sharing the great language work being done by the MLT in South Australia as well as the importance of acknowledging truth around what has happened to Indigenous languages in Australia.

Grades 6 and 7 were also treated to the amazing story of the late Yami Lester and his work for his people on Land Rights, British Nuclear Tests in the 1950s and 1960s as well as the Uluru Handback in 1985.

 With the UNESCO International Year of the Indigenous Language being upon us, Reconciliation Week is a crucial chance for the MLT to reach out to the wider community to build support and awareness around the great language work being done within Australia.

 Sharing and hearing truths is an important part of building upon the reconciliation journey, these truths in our stories and our languages allow us to walk together, with courage, for a better future. 

Palya alatjika.